Michael Lownie, “What in the World??”, mixed media globes 2011

Scouting for Love, acrylics and mixed media on half globe & masonite, 12″ x 12″ x 9″, 2012

mixed media, 15" x 13" x 12",  2011

Still Waiting (for the Rapture):  acrylics / globe with LED light/ mixed media,  15″x13″x12″, 2011

Still Waiting (for the Rapture): globe interior

Rapture: interior globe floor

Still Waiting (for the Rapture): globe back

Limted Access

  Limited Access:  acrylics /half globe/ copper leaf/ mixed media, 12″x12″x

,  2011

Limted Access

Alone Time

 Alone Time:  acrylics / half globe/ copper leaf/ mixed media, 17″x13″x11″,  2011

Alone Time, detail

Alone Time

Mixed media globe; 16" x14" x12", 2010

Calypso: front

  Calypso: acryl/ globe/ silver leaf/ mixed media,  16″x14″x12″, 2011

Calypso: back, detail

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Magritte tribute, open 

magritte tribute open, detail

Magritte, inside detail

Musings- 2012


Musings- earth


…What in the World??

Michael Lownie, paintings and mixed media

Here’s a series of mixed media globes I’ve been working on all year.  Hope you enjoy!

Kabuki detail


High Plains Drifter detail: this is a detail of a painting I translated to the next globe design.



Ceci N’est pas un Globe

Ceci N’est pas un Globe

Ceci N’est pas un Globe: detail

Fire and Ice detail

Fire and Ice

Current Event 2 detail

Current Event 2

Copper Colorfield 2 detail

Copper Colorfield 2


Calypso detail

Breast health birdhouse auction

Venus Ascending: for the Breast health birdhouse auction 2010