Action Figure works:

Vitruvian Man, acrylic resin, silver leaf, wire,  12" x 12" x 4",  2012Vitruvian Man; acrylic resin, silver leaf, wire, 12″ x 12″ x 5″,  2012
Trinity;  acrylic resin with gold leaf, mounted on wood, 15″ x 12″ x 5″,  2012

Catching Rays

Michael Lownie’s  one man show at Magnet

This show will combine works from both the globes series and the action figure series.

Opening reception, Friday August 3rd 2012   8:00-10:00pm.
MAGNET: 4122 18th Street, San Francisco, CA  94114

Hours: Tue 11 – 6pm, Wed 2 – 9pm
Thu 2 – 9pm, Fri 2 – 9pm, Sat 11 – 6pm

Presenting a series of new work (experiments with mixed media) focusing a new twist inspired by “action figure” dolls.
This is the culmination of about 3 years in developing 2 series very different from my traditionally abstract paintings.

Catching Rays- detail

Catching Rays- detail

Stardust Emergence

Stardust Emergence

Stardust Emergence- side view

Stardust Emergence- side view


Coming Out

Galactic Warrior

Looking Through You, mounted on glass w/ angled mirror backing

Looking Through You 2, resin mounted on glass, black backing

Techno Guy

Land's End

Land’s End

Land's End- side view

Land’s End- side view

"I Was Gone"

“I Was Gone”


“I Was Gone” Dreamscape (3D artist trading card)

(^vivid dream premonition of after-life consciousness)

Lighter Than Air

Fortune Teller- closed

Fortune Teller- closed

Fortune Teller, open

Fortune Teller, open

Heavy Love

Icon 1, Saintly

Icon; Aladinsane


Screened In