Michael Lownie, “What in the World??”, mixed media globes 2011

Scouting for Love, acrylics and mixed media on half globe & masonite, 12″ x 12″ x 9″, 2012

mixed media, 15" x 13" x 12",  2011

Still Waiting (for the Rapture):  acrylics / globe with LED light/ mixed media,  15″x13″x12″, 2011

Still Waiting (for the Rapture): globe interior

Rapture: interior globe floor

Still Waiting (for the Rapture): globe back

Limted Access

  Limited Access:  acrylics /half globe/ copper leaf/ mixed media, 12″x12″x

,  2011

Limted Access

Alone Time

 Alone Time:  acrylics / half globe/ copper leaf/ mixed media, 17″x13″x11″,  2011

Alone Time, detail

Alone Time

Mixed media globe; 16" x14" x12", 2010

Calypso: front

  Calypso: acryl/ globe/ silver leaf/ mixed media,  16″x14″x12″, 2011

Calypso: back, detail

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Magritte tribute, open 

magritte tribute open, detail

Magritte, inside detail

Musings- 2012


Musings- earth


…What in the World??

Michael Lownie, paintings and mixed media

Here’s a series of mixed media globes I’ve been working on all year.  Hope you enjoy!

Kabuki detail


High Plains Drifter detail: this is a detail of a painting I translated to the next globe design.



Ceci N’est pas un Globe

Ceci N’est pas un Globe

Ceci N’est pas un Globe: detail

Fire and Ice detail

Fire and Ice

Current Event 2 detail

Current Event 2

Copper Colorfield 2 detail

Copper Colorfield 2


Calypso detail

Breast health birdhouse auction

Venus Ascending: for the Breast health birdhouse auction 2010

Animated file of “Summer”

Michael Lownie, paintings and mixed media

To show how  reflections change on the metal leaf elements with differing angles of lighting I created this image;

a series of layers showing how the painting “turns off and on” with different light angles.

High Plains Drifter

“Summer” acrylic with silver and copper leaf on masonite.
(sealed with an oil varnish) 20″ x 16″  2010  © M. Lownie

You may have to click on the image to activate the animation.  Thanks.

Action Figure works:

Vitruvian Man, acrylic resin, silver leaf, wire,  12" x 12" x 4",  2012Vitruvian Man; acrylic resin, silver leaf, wire, 12″ x 12″ x 5″,  2012
Trinity;  acrylic resin with gold leaf, mounted on wood, 15″ x 12″ x 5″,  2012

Catching Rays

Michael Lownie’s  one man show at Magnet

This show will combine works from both the globes series and the action figure series.

Opening reception, Friday August 3rd 2012   8:00-10:00pm.
MAGNET: 4122 18th Street, San Francisco, CA  94114

Hours: Tue 11 – 6pm, Wed 2 – 9pm
Thu 2 – 9pm, Fri 2 – 9pm, Sat 11 – 6pm

Presenting a series of new work (experiments with mixed media) focusing a new twist inspired by “action figure” dolls.
This is the culmination of about 3 years in developing 2 series very different from my traditionally abstract paintings.

Catching Rays- detail

Catching Rays- detail

Stardust Emergence

Stardust Emergence

Stardust Emergence- side view

Stardust Emergence- side view


Coming Out

Galactic Warrior

Looking Through You, mounted on glass w/ angled mirror backing

Looking Through You 2, resin mounted on glass, black backing

Techno Guy

Land's End

Land’s End

Land's End- side view

Land’s End- side view

"I Was Gone"

“I Was Gone”


“I Was Gone” Dreamscape (3D artist trading card)

(^vivid dream premonition of after-life consciousness)

Lighter Than Air

Fortune Teller- closed

Fortune Teller- closed

Fortune Teller, open

Fortune Teller, open

Heavy Love

Icon 1, Saintly

Icon; Aladinsane


Screened In

S. F. Open Studio, October 2007

Michael Lownie, paintings and mixed media


2011; Doing the City Wide Open Studios again-

This was the 2007 Open Studio:
Here’s a series of pics of the exhibition and space; enjoy!

I received wonderful feedback from those who came & a very enthusiastic reception to the work…thank you all.






^^ Bodega Bay Blues; Homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.








– and a little humor-


^^ Goddess of Wind


^^ Goddess of Fire & Earth-



It was a lot of work…special thanks to my partner John Carr whose ideas and patience really made it all come together through our collaboration.The show will be up for 2 weeks, shown by appointment for those who could not make the Open Studio. This is your chance to see the works hung and well lit…appointments for viewing works are always still available in the studio although it won’t be quite as elegant! Thanks all!



2007, the further development of metal leaf-

It’s Open Studio time!


It’s great to be busy preparing for a two day Open Studio…works are still wet but here’s 2.

Lots of blue skies…20″ x 60″.

First, something Untitled, from the shadows-


and another, contemplative Moon/ Rock play…perhaps thinking of Magritte-



… latest Favorite Painting!


DREAM OF FLIGHT 32″ x 16″, acrylic, copper & silver leaf, 2007


Here’s a colorfield work just completed, it was inspired by my last commission “Midnight Truffle”…thanks for helping me to evolve the concept to this fruition Jane!


Copper leaf, acrylic, canvas. Two 60″x 20″ panels.

Toys, Found Objects ‘n Thrift Stores:


—What can become of this…all the little things I can’t help collecting. Scraps of society blend into collaged scenarios…there should be more coming soon!

Free Love
Free Love, 2002: mixed media w/ mirrors

Here are some sketches, quickly thrown together to refine into more works- it’s studio food for thought.

Timmy Come Home!

The Looking Glass


Lost and Found
Lost and Found, 2007


The Golden Goose, 2007